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Angels & Patriots - Book THREE

ANGELS and PATRIOTS B4 Ebook.jpg

Fourth book in the fourteenth-time award-winning historical military fantasy series, Angels & Patriots

The Hand of Providence and The Brotherhood’s Sword

After defeating God’s miscreations from Purgatory, who inflicted curses on two of his angels, Archangel Colm Bohannon and his brotherhood search for a celestial cure that is obscured by threats from Colm’s older archangel brothers and their confusing allusion to a sword the disobedient angels can wield to free them of God’s punishments.

But their vow to George Washington and the Continental army remains strong as the American Revolution explodes in the Southern states and the French arrive to aid the Patriot cause. With the British holding New York and British General Charles Cornwallis terrorizing the south in his relentless pursuit of General Nathanael Greene, the angels’ celestial sense of touch and hope for liberty dwindles. But they are not forsaken by the Patriots who desperately grasp for their own liberty as they are all swept through the last months of the American Revolution.


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