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Angels & Patriots - Book Two

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Second book in the fourteenth-time award-winning historical military fantasy series, Angels & Patriots

The Cause of 1776

As the Revolutionary War stretches into 1776, John Adams beseeches Archangel Colm Bohannon and his brotherhood of fallen angels to return to fight for the Patriots. But millenniums of battling demons have done damage to the brotherhood. After killing the demons in a fit of rage, Colm is left to grapple with his distressed angels and the impact of losing his friend, Dr. Joseph Warren.

When the angels join the new Continental Army, Colm, an experienced leader and warrior, finds himself at odds with the indecisive, amateur General George Washington. Washington’s belief in Providence leads him to ponder whether the angels’ presence is of any benefit to his army. In the violent struggle for liberty and loyalty through the fog of war, can he find faith?

Angels and Patriots Book Two 2019 Book Awards

Shelf UnBound Best Indie Book, Notable  

New York City Big Book Awards, Military Fiction, Winner 

2020 Independent Press Award, Military Fiction, Winner


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