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Historical Fiction Author

salina B baker

The Line of Splendor

A Novel of Nathanael Greene
and the American Revolution
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Salina is a multiple award-winning historical fiction author and American Revolution and Victorian America historian. She has presented at events such as History Camp at Boston and Valley Forge as well as Authors of the American Revolution Congress at Washington Crossing Historic Park. She has been interviewed on podcasts such as Revolution 250 and American Revolution Podcast. She regularly speaks to Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution chapters throughout the United States. Her extensive travels and research follow the footsteps of the compelling historical people, places, and events she passionately writes about and brings to life. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her loving husband John.

My Books
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The Line of Splendor

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Angels & Patriots:

Book One

A and P Book 2 ebook REVAMP.jpg

Angels & Patriots:

Book Two

A and P BOOK 3 Ebook REVAMP.jpg

Angels & Patriots:

Book Three

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The Transcendent

ANGELS and PATRIOTS B4 Ebook.jpg

Angels & Patriots:

Book Four

The Ship Builder

Hear About Here

Please join me on the website, HEAR about HERE, where you can hear stories about people, places and events that happened near you using the GPS in your smartphone. Their mission is to tell you all about it three minutes at time. So HEAR more about these treasures with them and their Tale Collections from their contributors.

I am one of their contributors, so listen to my tales of true stories!

Joseph Warren's 1775 Boston Massacre Oration at Old South Meeting House

Dr. Joseph Warren and Battle of Bunker Hill

Joseph Warren Funeral at King’s Chapel and Aftermath of Battle of Bunker Hill

New Year’s Day raising of the Union flag on Prospect Hill

Billopp House

Battle of White Plains

Henry Knox & The Noble Train

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